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Make Beautiful Memories,
Before it’s Too Late.


Professional Family Photography by Marie Bryner

Serving  Salt Lake City,  Wasatch Front,  and Price, Utah

By Appointment Only

[email protected]

I’ll make your Family Portraits easy.

Are you like most people?  Most of us say the first possession we’d save in a fire or disaster are our pictures.  That’s how important family portraits are.

That’s also why I make it my mission to make family portraits less dreaded.  Easy. Stress free.  Even FUN.

  • I’ll help you plan your portrait session. (Where. When. What to wear.)
  • I’ll trick your kids into cooperating. Toddlers. Teens. (Husbands too.)

  • I’ll direct your crew, and capture natural poses.  ( None of that “Where do I stand?”  Or, “What do I do with my hands?” awkwardness). 

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Marie directed us and told us what to do, and we ended up with natural, fun, genuine photos of my family

I don't know how she did it but Marie managed to get all my kids looking at the camera, smiling, AND enjoying the photo session. She's patient and great with kids. Marie directed us into poses, and ended up with natural, fun, genuine photos of my family. She worked a miracle with our family photos!

Connie F
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Pictures can be so stressful but Bryner Photography made it a good all around experience

The photographer, Marie, even took time to get to know my kids' names, even the 2 year old, and was really warm and friendly. Her photographs of my family are outstanding. I'll be back.

Susanna S.
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I won't go to any other photographer

I've worked with Marie since my kids were little, in a different city. I drive over 2 hours now to have her take our pictures. Her work and creativity are worth the investment of time, and worth the money.

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We got to see our portraits the same day as our session which really kept the excitement going

Great customer service! We ordered and got our pictures back fast and in time for a special gift for an event. Marie listens and cares which in this day of lackluster customer service is a breath of fresh air.

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Seriously.  There’s no reason to procrastinate your family portraits.

No judgment if you have waited.  You’re not alone.  Many of my clients say things like this:


“I’m nervous about how I’ll look” or “I want to lose weight first.”


Here’s the thing. I’m a girl. I worry about what I’ll look like in pictures too.  I’ve got your back. (And the rest of you too.)

I’ll make sure you look great. Yes, YOU. (Flattering poses.Great light. Editing tricks. Go!)


“Professional Photography is a little over my budget.”

Investing in memories is something I’ve never heard someone say they regret.  Especially when they start to cry when they see their family portraits. (That happens so often!)

Yet I understand that archival quality photographs are an investment..  I also know they’re priceless.

I’m passionate about getting portraits into your home — so let’s talk. We’ll come up with a payment plan that works for you. 

“Getting my whole family together for portraits seems impossible.”  

Families, eh? We’re all on different schedules.  In different cities. Even different states!          

I can help.  Sometimes it’s the right date.  Sometimes we have to use a little Photoshop.  Anyway we can get your crew inside one frame,  I’m in.


I have solutions for your concerns.

We’ll make it happen!


No Stress, Just Great Family Portraits.
How to make it happen.

  • First, book a free no-obligation consultation–I’ll answer your questions.
  • Select your session or collection and reserve your day with a retainer
  • We’ll plan where, when, what to wear/what to bring–even hair and makeup
  • Session Day! I guarantee you’ll like your images — or your money back.
  • Same Day/Next Day Ordering –place your order and apply your studio credit!

When it’s 2043,
you’ll be so glad you did this. 

Which way would you like to invest? 

A Pre-paid Collection?   Or  Ala Carte?

(Most of my clients like the pre-paid option.  It’s a better value.)


Why choose a Pre-Paid  Collection?

Your session,  prints, and ALL your digitals are included.

Over $1200 in value, plus free gifts

Prepaid Collections start at 550

Your session of  2 to 10 people is included ($10 for each additional person).

5 edited gift prints up to 8×10, plus the digital back-up copy of each printed image

ALL your digital proofs–your entire session– sized to share and to make small prints

20% off wall prints, albums, books

AND a special bonus: 

$100 in studio credit toward  wall prints or books, OR One additional gift print is yours when you complete your order within 7 days

Packages  with Wall Prints, Albums, and other goodies included are also available.

Why choose or order Ala Carte?

You intially pay only your $150 (and up) session fee. then create your own package from the menu.

Less committment up front.

Ala-Carte Session fees start at 150

Your session of  2 to 10 people ($10 for each additional person).    

Prints  & products are not  included.  They may be purchased individually from the Ala Carte menu.

Digital copies or galleries  are not included. They may be purchased  from the Ala Carte menu. 

20% off additional items after $400 purchase

AND a special bonus: 

$100 in studio credit toward  wall prints or books, OR One complimentary gift print is yours. When you complete your order within 7 days.

Ala Carte list below gives you an idea of available items.  

Please inquire for a complete  list of items and pricing,

Ala-Carte Menu to Complete Your Collection

Prints up to 8×10,  and Individual Digital Copies

Professionally Edited and Retouched by hand. 

Provided as both a gift print, and a digital back-up file of each image.

Digital copies are sized to share and for small DIY printing.    

Print release included.

1-4  images as 8×10 or 5×7 prints plus digital back-up       95 each

5-9 images as 8×10 or 5×7 prints, plus digital back-up    80 each

10+ images as 8×10 or 5×7 prints, plus digital back-up     65 each

Ala Carte Edited Digital Collections


Each image is lightly edited and color corrected

Your collection is sized to share, and for small DIY printing.    

A print release is included.


Eight Edited Images in Sharable Mini Gallery         $199

All Your Images in Edited Digital Gallery                  $249

Mobile Apps.

(Never go hunting for your images again.)

Your images, literally at your fingertips on your device du jour.

Your photos move devices with you,  and go where you go.

30-day Mobile App      $75 with purchase or deposit, 30 days only

Forever Mobile App     $199  Your images are with you forever.  Forever!

Keepsake Boxes.

My favorite, and my clients’ favorite!

Protect your memories in a charming ning

 Keepsake Box  

Matted or mounted art prints. 

Wood, leather, or custom image cover boxes. 

Books. Albums. Folios.

No wall space? No Problem!

On a coffee table, night stand, or shelf

Page through your memories all over again. 

Professionally Framed Wall Art.

Hand-delivered and ready to hang.

family page how big should I order 

Clients often ask me: “What size should I order for my wall?”

My answer? Let’s make sure your wall art is perfectly sized!  Here’s how:

I’ll pay you an in-person OR virtual visit.  (Yes, virtual! I have cool  tricks!)

We’ll look at the space(s) you’d like portraits hung, and determine the size that fits best. 

I’ll even create a digital preview of your wall, so you can see how your print will look in your very own home, right where you’re hanging it.   

(Remember those cool  tricks I just mentioned?)

Next your wall portraits will be artfully retouched by hand, then archivally printed. 

Finally I’ll hand-deliver your portraits,  ready to hang.  And you might get a little misty when you see them.

Mounted, stretched and framed like the fine work of art that is your family should be. (I can’t wait for that day!)

Ala Carte  Framed Prints or Canvas Wraps, of single images,  below.

Custom sizes and Multi-image collages are available too. 

Professionally Framed Wall Prints OR Canvas Wrap Prints

12×18 275
10×20 325
16×20 450
20×24 575
24×30 750
30×40 1400
40×60 2900


Where will my portrait session happen?

That’s what we’ll talk about! I have lots of good ideas for outdoor locations, and I’m always open to new ideas. If we shoot outside, I prefer late afternoon light, so we’ll plan time of day accordingly.

What's the difference between a Premium Collection and a Basic Session?
WIth a Premium Collection, you pre-pay a set amount. Your session is included, plus studio credit you can apply to everything I offer, along with a built-in discount on everything, including what you get with your credit. There are also freebies, bonuses, AND I include a family gift session, plus a cap-and-gown session (both on different days!)

Pre-paid is the way to go if you want prints, albums, collages, books, digital files, or any of the other heirloom quality products you get to choose from.

With a BASIC session, you pay only for your session time, then purchase prints and products separately ala carte

Basic Sessions work best for seniors who only want one or two nice images, a budget-friendly option.

  • Fundamental Basic Session
  • Scholar — Basic Session
When do I order, and how long does it take to get my finished pictures?
You’ll see your images the SAME DAY. We’ll schedule your ordering appointment for right after your session. No waiting! Once your order is placed it takes just a few weeks for your collection to be professionally edited and delivered. If you need something extra fast, let me know. I’ll work with any special deadlines.
What is the studio credit and how does it work?
Each pre-paid collection includes studio credit. At your ordering appointment this credit is applied to your order, and the discount amount included in your package applies to everything too. (One of the benefits of pre-paying).. If you spend more than your credit, the difference is due at the time you order.. If you don’t use it all, there are no refunds.
May I purchase just digital copies?
I’m committed to providing archival quality prints and products as part of your portrait experience. But I totally get the digital age we live in. You’ll receive a digital copy of every image you order in print. (If you order a 20 image album, you also get the 20 images digitally.) You can also order additional files within any package.

I also offer many ways to order and enjoy digital files. A mobile app, an online gallery, and a library of sharable files, and more. We can go over all the options at your consultation or your ordering appointment.

Can I bring someone along to my appointment?
Mom. Dad. Best Friend. Grandparents. Anyone is welcome! As long as you’re comfortable and they won’t distract you, (much!) the more the merrier! Let me know in advance…we’ll make it a party!
What if I don’t want or need hair and make-up?
You’re welcome to do your own hair and makeup. Simply let me know, and I’ll either take the current amount (it varies as stylists’ fees vary) off your package or increase the amount of studio credit you have to spend. This particularly works well for guys who don’t need make up, and prefer no hairstyling…or for any senior who prefers to do their own styling.
Does your 100% Guarantee Apply to both Pre-Paid Collections and Basic Sessions?
Absolutely. Basic Senior Sessions and Pre-Paid Senior Collections are NO RISK with my 100% Satisfaction guarantee. You’ll like your session results or you don’t pay for your session. Guaranteed.


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