Senior Highschool
Twins and Kids
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Authentic Senior Portraits are not just pictures. They're you.

Just you. Now.

On a good hair day.

At places you like to go

Wearing the clothes you like to wear.

Doing the things you like to do.

In a word…YOU, the way you’ll always remember.

Senior Portraits. Authentically you.

Because YOU are imperfectly and exactly enough

High School Senior


“Now remember kids, as far as anyone knows, we are a NICE, NORMAL family…”


Kids & Tweens

“Kids are such a nice way to start people.”

Kids & Tweens

Branding & Headshots

“A professional headshot helps you grow your bottom line.”

Branding & Headshots


Thanks for stopping by. I’m Marie, and I LOVE what I do: I help people feel confident and beautiful…while we make memories with great photographs!

My favorite thing is when a client like you tells me — before their session — that they feel awkward. Or they’re “not photogenic.” Or they don’t like what size they are. And then, after I guide and help them through a fun (yes, fun!) shoot, they see their pictures… and I hear, “OMG! I look beautiful!” or “Holy crap! I look…HOT!” Yep. Real quotes, from real clients. That never gets old!

Child Models Needed

(It’s fun. It’s free. And you might even get paid.)

I create advertising and web images for a national children’s clothing company. And I need fun, silly, sweet little girls to model the dresses!

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“She listened to my vision”

“I loved how personable Marie was during our session. She listened to my vision for senior pics, and gave me beautiful photos. I love her creative perspective.”

Keyli T.

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Marie truly captured who my son is, and the pictures are beautiful.

Marie helped my quiet and reserved son become comfortable while she photographed him. He told me later he actually enjoyed having pictures taken! Marie truly captured who my son is, and the pictures are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Belinda S.

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Marie directed us and told us what to do, and we ended up with natural, fun, genuine photos of my family

I don't know how she did it but Marie managed to get all my kids looking at the camera, smiling, AND enjoying the photo session. She's patient and great with kids. Marie directed us into poses, and ended up with natural, fun, genuine photos of my family. She worked a miracle with our family photos!

Connie F.

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Pictures can be so stressful but Bryner Photography made it a good all around experience

The photographer, Marie, even took time to get to know my kids' names, even the 2 year old, and was really warm and friendly. Her photographs of my family are outstanding. I'll be back.

Susanna S.

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