Hi. Thanks for stopping by! I’m Marie.

Hello, gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Marie, and I LOVE what I do: I help people feel confident and beautiful…while we make memories with great photographs!

My favorite thing is when a client like you tells me — before their session — that they feel awkward. Or they’re “not photogenic.” Or they don’t like what size they are. And then, after I guide and help them through a fun (yes, fun!) shoot, they see their pictures… and I hear, “OMG! I look beautiful!” or “Holy crap! I look…HOT!” Yep. Real quotes, from real clients. That never gets old!

My point is, you can relax. I’ll help you feel great, and better yet, I’ll help you look great…in photos.

Whether it’s personal branding for your business, your family, or you’re a senior model-for-a-day, my number one goal is to help you and your crew just be your authentic selves. That’s when great images happen.

FYI, my humor borders on goofy, so we’ll probably laugh the whole time. That makes it easy to get real smiles. No fake expressions here!

I’m also a photo geek, always thinking of ideas, and I’m constantly looking for cool outdoor locations.

I’m a photographer.

I’m a mom to two teens.

I’m a foodie. (I’d die for fresh herbs) and when I’m not shooting, I’m cooking or baking.

Or planning a trip to a beach somewhere.

I’m a city girl now, but with farm-raised roots, and I’m a tomato gardener. (Hello summer salsa!)

I’m a fashion fan and lover of boots.

I’m a Halloween fiend (my favorite holiday!)

I’ve never met a warm, fresh-baked cookie that I could resist.

And the day I quit photography is the day my very heart stops beating.

Child Models Needed

(It's fun. It's free. And you might even get paid.)

I create advertising and web images for a national children's clothing company. And I need fun, silly, sweet little girls to model the dresses!

What To Wear For Headshots
  • Style According To Your Industry
  • Think About How You Would Dress In A Meeting With The Person You Want To View Your Headshot.
  • Business Headshot And Professional Headshot Clothing Options
  • Bring Multiple Outfits
  • Necklines
  • Avoid Anything That Looks Too Dressed Down