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Empowered Kids

Remind them
that they’re enough.
Kids. Loved.
At every age.

Kids. Loved. Photographed. Strong. At Every Age.

Photos are empowering.

We photograph kids when they’re babies. And when they graduate.

We snap the milestones…like baptisms, and birthdays.

We remember to take pictures with their dance team…or sports teams…

But are we missing something?

The goofy nine year old, with teeth too big for his face and a smile so bright it makes your heart sing?

The 11 year old daughter, teetering between little girl and self-assured young woman?

The thirteen year old, who believes in themself one minute, then the next minute they’re just not sure of their place in this world?

All this happening…just as those difficult middle school years arrive, which is a time rough enough to knock any kid down.

These faces, these memories, these KIDS deserve to be captured in portraits too!

Which is why I’m creating my Empowered Kids Portrait Project…studio sessions, especially for kids of middle-school age.

My goals for these sessions?

Create an amazing memory. with a one-of-a-kind Portrait Session that’s all about them.

Remind them that yes, snarky or sweet, confident or timid, cheerful or moody, they are loved,

Show them indisputable photographic proof that they are stronger and more beautiful than they could ever imagine. At this very moment.

Capture them how YOU see them!

And ensure them that YES, at this hard and confusing and wonderful age, they are JUST RIGHT.

These photos will always remind you and them of one important truth: Whoever they are right now, they are ENOUGH.


Enough to carry them from teen to tween, and far beyond.

Please message me directly at [email protected]